Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday

Check out our new and improved website and Black a Friday sales. All Black Friday Deals start tonight and will run through 11/27 at midnight MST. For questions or additional information please call 720-810-0230.


  • Nutrition Start Up – $200 (Save $50)                                                                                                          
    • 30 minute initial phone or virtual consult
    • Nutrition plan, with analysis of meals, current exercise, caloric needs, and goal setting
    • 1-One hour virtual or in-person session to go through goals and nutrition plan
    • Weekly phone check-ups and email communications for the month
    • Unlimited access to Nutrition Coaches via email for one month
  • Nutrition Coaching – $45 (Save $5)   Must complete Start Up prior to Coaching
    • 30 Minute initial consult
    • MONTHLY nutrition plan, with analysis of meals, current exercise, caloric needs, short and long term goal setting
    • 2 monthly 30 minute virtual or phone check-ups to keep up with your changing body
    • Weekly email communications
    • Unlimited access to Nutrition Coaches via email
  • Meal Planning Custom – $80 (save $20)

      Weekly meal plans for 4 weeks.  Includes grocery list and recipes.
    • 5 days worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Options for daily prep and efficient weekly prep.
  • Kitchen Clean-Up – $80 (save $20) and/or Grocery Store Tour – $80 (save $20)
    KCU and GST

     Food shopping can not only be a hassle sometimes but down right difficult. Let us teach you how to shop for a lifestyle, not a diet! We will cover the best food selections, label reading, tricks to make your trip more efficient and a grocery list for a weeks worth of meals. We all have those small places we hide the “treats” and sometimes it may just be those “one little bite” snacks that are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals.  It seems like nothing at the time, but it does add up! Whether it be weight loss or muscle gain you are going for, nutrition is going to be the key factor in achieving the look you are going for. We come to your home and HELP YOU go through your kitchen and rid yourself of those items that are slowing progress. While we are there we will clean out your pantry, fridge and teach you why certain items are better than others. Food that is expired or opened will be thrown out, however unopened food that doesn’t need to be in your house will be donated to the food bank!

    • 12-Week Gym or Home Programs – $75 (save $25)

      This 12-week Weightloss Program is designed to boost metabolism by adding lean muscle mass, while also maximizing fat burn.  This is an easy to follow program with access to email assistance. Workouts can also be accomplished right in your own home with minimal equipment. 
    • 12-Week Custom Programs – $140 (save $20)

      This program is custom designed to fit your exact individual needs.  Whether it be:
      • Maximizing and efficiently utilizing your time while you’re working out.
      • Working around specific limitations such as injuries, pregnancy, etc.
      • Training for an event of any kind and level from 5k races to climbing 14ners and to adventure races.
      • Planning to workout at home – we can design your workouts around your current equipment to meet your needs.

      After we have spoken with you via phone, email, or Skype we will develop a customized program to get you on your way to your fitness goals!

    • In-Home Training – $60/session (save $15/session)  or Partner Training – $100/session (save $10/session) sessions must be used by January 31st, 2016
      In-Home Training

      This program is available to clients in the Denver metro area. One hour individual sessions start at $75. Partner training is $110 and small group training (3-6 people) is $45/person. Please call 720-810-0230 to set up sessions or email

    • Brewery Boot Camp – $10 (save $5)

       Join us for our Brewery Boot Camp at Dry Dock North on December 12th, 2015. What a better way to start your Saturday than with a workout and a beer. Workout starts at 11:00am, will last 55 minutes and will be $15/person. Following the workout Dry Dock will host a happy hour special for anyone who participates in our workout. Brewery Boot Camp is designed for people of all ages, exercise levels and backgrounds. For questions please call 720-810-0230. To reserve your spot please register with the link below.
    • Strength Train 4 Life t-shirt $5 (save 50%) sizes and quantities limited

Purchase $200 worth of merchandise and receive a FREE t-shirt!

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