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Staying fit while you are pregnant is important not only for you, but your baby too! Having had two babies myself and working out. I can help you find ways to stick with your fitness routine while you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or even after your pregnancy. You can follow me on my blog as I talk fitness, nutrition, mommy life and pregnancy – here at Strength Train 4 Baby or on my Facebook page.

My second pregnancy…


39 Weeks Pregnant – Delivery day!

Follow me on my blog Strength Train 4 Baby or on my Facebook page as I get back in shape from my second pregnancy.


3 Months Pregnant


6 Months Pregnant


9 Months Pregnant

My first pregnancy…

Lindsay pre-pregnancy

Lindsay pre-pregnancy

Lindsay at 37 weeks

Lindsay at 37 weeks

9 months Post-Pregnancy







Classes and Programs:

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Fitness Programs – call 720-810-0230 to set up your program today!

Looking for a way to get in shape? Check our my Mommy Boot Camp classes…

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Please call 720-810-0230 for more information or to sign up!


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