Figuring out what to eat can be extremely difficult. Every time you turn around the media is advertising a “new and improved” weight-loss product, but the hard truth is  that if it were that easy obesity would not be as significant in our nation as it is today!  There are many people that need to become healthier, and many more that want to do the same.  However, if people would invest even half the time and money on a realistic way of life then they would see twice the results.  Good old fashion exercise and clean eating, while hard at first, can truly help you achieve your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle is the key word…not a fad diet, not some miracle pill, not an unhealthy cleanse…a real world way of eating that you and your family can be happy with.  Making simple substitutions to your daily diet can prove to be key.  A few results, whether it be looser fitting jeans or more energy, can significantly increase your motivation and desire to maintain your new lifestyle.


Our goal is to help you build and keep a healthy lifestyle whether you are on the go or cooking at home.

Services we offer are:

  • Nutrition Coaching – With this program we will analyze your current nutrition habits, help you to develop healthier nutrition choices and guide you along your way.
  • Kitchen Make Overs – We come to your home, help you clear your kitchen of unhealthy foods and then we will take you to the store to shop for healthy items. This service includes a Grocery Store Tour to teach you how to label read and make the best choices for you when shopping.
  • Grocery Store Tours – Individually or with a group we will meet you at one of the local grocery stores to teach you how to make healthier choice when shopping, teach you how to read nutrition labels and locating the Superfoods.
  • Nutrition Programs – This program will provide you with 12 weeks of predetermined meals, grocery shopping lists and a complete nutritional analysis. This includes breakfast, lunch and 4 dinner options.

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